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Writing Your Book: A Ghostwriter’s Perspective

In the beginning, there was the business card. Then the e-mail address. Next, the website. Today, as a businessperson, if you are not an author, you lack a certain credibility. Authoring a book has become the must-have for big media placements, speaking opportunities, and bigger clients, not to mention your chance for grabbing that elusive […]

My Heart Bleeds for Innocent Would-Be Authors

Think of life as a round circle, like a pizza pie. One slice of the pie is your area of core competence, perhaps even genius. It’s what you do so well. Next to that slice is another slice of equal size, what you know you don’t know. For example, I know I cannot add, subtract […]

Judy Katz Offers a New View on “Ghosting”

  From silverdisobedience.rocks website, by Dian Griesel. After graduating from UC Berkeley, where she had her own column, “Meaning’s Edge” on the Daily Californian for all four years, Judy wrote for a medical ad agency and two McGraw-Hill Magazines. Not long after, she became the PR Director for Madison Square Garden, then the New York […]

Spirited Away: the Life of the Ghostwriter

By Sarah Elizabeth Adler The year was 1986, and Barbara Feinman Todd was a writer in disguise. Her mission? To crash a party— the 45th wedding anniversary of the director of the CIA, being held at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C. No press was allowed, but it was her job to find out who […]

Silver Disobedience

Dian Griesel, January 5, 2018 Judy Katz, age 77, is a prime example of a #SilverDisobedience. She is a Ghostwriter living in New York City who has written and promoted 42 books. She’s still at it through her company, J Katz Creative. An animal advocate, she shares her spacious apartment with Sophie and Gretchen, two […]

Why You Can’t Afford Me. (It’s a Good Thing.)

  Just about twelve years ago I made a major transition, and closed the midtown Manhattan offices of my Public Relations firm. Through running a sizeable business and the day to day drama of dealing with my staff’s personal issues, I had essentially become everyone’s Jewish mother. As a result I could not do as […]

Borrowing Time: A Love Story

I thought the Rabbi was kidding. “You want to introduce me to a 98-year-old who wants to date?” “No,” he said, “I want to introduce you to a 98-year-old who would be open to getting remarried!” “Won’t his adult children object?” “Not at all. They want him to be happy. In fact, his son came […]

If Nobody’s Reading, Why Bother Writing a Book?

Look, you do not have to write a book. You can live your entire professional life (and personal life too of course) without a book to your name, and the sky will not fall. All I can tell you is that being able to add “author” to your list of accomplishments, being able to mail […]