If Nobody’s Reading, Why Bother Writing a Book?

Look, you do not have to write a book.  You can live your entire professional life without a book to your name, and the sky will not fall.  All I can tell you is that being able to add “author” to your list of accomplishments, being able to mail a copy of your book to people you want to work with or impress, and being able to give out or sell your book at events (which your book helped you book!) can move your business or professional reputation to another level–from good to great.

If you counter that fewer people are reading, that they are buying fewer books, that they are getting their information and entertainment from television, from cable, from social media, and especially  directly  from their electronic devices,  you’ll get no argument from me.  None of that takes away from my opening points:  your book is the ultimate marketing tool. It opens doors.  It establishes you as an expert.  Even if the target CEO or client just reads the front cover and turns it over to read the back cover–with  its (hopefully )explosive lift quote and positive blurbs–you will have made an impact.  And,  whether they skim it or read your book word for word, they will see you differently.

One of the first books I ghostwrote (have now done 42) brought in millions of dollars of added revenue for that client.  We printed a hardcover edition, wrote an individualized cover letter to our targeted CEOs, mailed it as gifts . The phone began ringing immediately and has never stopped ringing.  This book also got her (yes a female business owner) on panels, keynote addresses, well-attended webinars, and much more.

Time short?  Budget short too?  No worries.  Today if you write a weekly blog (or hire someone like me to ghostwrite it with and for you) within 6 months you can actually have a powerful book.  You will  need a great title, perhaps a subtitle, and a context (theme) that pulls it all together.  And as for cost, there are many companies and Apps that help you create a print on demand book–whether a full-length tome or a concise  eBook–at relatively low cost, to fit almost any budget.

There is always the option to work with a ghostwriter/ editor.  If you have a more expansive budget  and the ability to do some in person or [phone or Skype interviews with a professional writer (one you trust and know that she or he truly “gets” you) you can be a lot more ambitious–perhaps even go through a literary agent to find the right publisher.  But keep in mind that going the traditional publishing route means your book will not come up for at least a year or two–while a self-published book can be complete and working its magic for you with months.

One caveat:  marketing is key. You would not create  a retail store and on opening day pray that customers come in.  Of course not:  you would market, and advertise, and use any and every other promotional means to bring people to your door.  A book too urgently needs promotion and marketing.  Untold numbers of broken-hearted authors have said to that they spend years writing  their book, they put it on Amazon, and no one is buying the book. when I ask them how they marketed it, they look at me blankly.

These blog post will continue to not only encourage you to become an author, but also offer specific advice.  And you can always contact me for individual advice or help with your book.  and it may not be the one you think you should write, but the one you were born to write!