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Judy Katz Offers a New View on “Ghosting”


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Today, Silver Disobedience sits down with Judy Katz who is a book collaborator, ghostwriter, publisher and marketer. She has helped develop storylines for prospective authors, and has successfully completed, published and publicized 45 books so far.

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After graduating from UC Berkeley, where she had her own column, “Meaning’s Edge” on the Daily Californian for all four years, Judy wrote for a medical ad agency and two McGraw-Hill Magazines. Not long after, she became the PR Director for Madison Square Garden, then the New York March of Dimes and Director of Special Projects for the National MS Society.

Entrepreneurial, Judy decided to establish and run her own PR firm, Katz Creative, Inc., until 2005, when she found her true calling: Helping people become authors. Judy works with several top literary agents. She also has a publishing arm, New Voices Press, and along with self-publishing often helps promote her authors’ books to serve them as “the ultimate marketing and reputation-building tool.”

What is your background? 

I began to identify myself as a writer from age 11, when I read short stories by Guy de Mauppassant and wanted to be able to do what he and other great writers do:  Transport people to other worlds with my words.  My first little stories were pretty awful, but slowly and steadily my skills increased.  Reading a lot helps! …

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