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If you have a book you want to write, or a book you have already written, you will find there are more options in today’s publishing world than ever before. Many people aren’t aware of all the resources now available to help them realize their writing ambitions. Many intelligent, successful professionals in various fields simply don’t possess the skills to bring a book to fruition on their own. That is where we can help as ghostwriters. We can turn your personal story into a compelling autobiography. We can paint a vivid portrait using your own words to distinguish your business enterprise, your scientific research, your legal or political experience, or your motivational coaching techniques.

Not everyone who has written the first draft of a book knows how to edit and polish a manuscript for publication or for sale to publishers. That is where we can help as book doctors. We can revise, edit, and polish as necessary. These are all areas where we have established credentials in the publishing world.

With over thirty years of professional experience and many fine books to my credit, I know that successful books depend on my skilled team and I working closely with each aspiring author. For those authors who wish to publish their books independently, as a corporate or personal venture, my company also offers full design, self-publishing, and public relations support, with marketing, promotion, and social media campaigns.

For those aspiring authors who prefer to submit their books to commercial publishing houses, my team and I provide help to them to find the right literary agent. We have established relationships with reputable agents based in Manhattan, Los Angeles and London for representation. We can write book proposals according to trade standards for submission to the most demanding and prestigious publishing houses.

If you have a story you want to tell in book form, let us be your one-stop professional writing service to help you make your authorship dreams come true.


Judy Katz of Ghostbooksters

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Now you can become a published author, effectively AND affordably!

Your corporate or personal Bookini™ has the power to enhance your visibility and grow your client base and media “author”-ity. It imparts greater awareness as to your expertise and the value of your business. It can establish the thought-leadership positioning that leads to speaking engagements and media coverage, and possibly to a traditional publishing deal. Your Katz Creative Bookini™ can give you the imprimatur of expertise so vital in today’s competitive marketplace.  Should your objective be of a personal nature, a Bookini™ is also ideal for family histories and short memoirs.