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Mphasis Magazine Article – Borrowing Time: A True Love Story by Judy Katz

Mphasis article by Just LatzI thought the Rabbi was kidding.

“You want to introduce me to a 98-year-old who wants to date?”

“No,” he said, “I want to introduce you to a 98-year-old who would be open to getting remarried!”

“Won’t his adult children object?”

At 75, I was still youthful, cheerful, and happily engaged in running my business. However, I was at a point where online dating had led me to a string of men who continued to disappoint me. I began to think maybe the sun had set on my romantic life. Then I met Jerome.

Before our first get-acquainted date, he had to cancel because he had a bad cold. “But,” he said on my answering machine, “We will always have mañana.” And, for a time, it seemed as if we just might. His positive attitude, brilliance, wisdom, warmth, and charm captivated me completely.

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