Is Now the Time to Write A Book?

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Many envision becoming authors but have lacked the time to write. Now, with normal life and business schedules disrupted, the time might be perfect to tackle that book idea that’s been bouncing around in your head for years.

time to write a book

Story-telling is easy for some. But what does it take to actually commit to putting one’s story to paper?  It’s much harder than many may imagine. Writing a book takes time and effort if the goal is to write a book that is ultimately a quality, publishable literary work. While all of us have stories to tell, not everyone has the knack for writing their story in a compelling way that gives those stories the justice they deserve. Here’s where a ghostwriter can help make the journey to authordom less painful, faster, and more likely to succeed.

Yet, where can a compatible ghostwriter be found? Where are those “ghosts” hiding who can help you get your book out of your head, onto paper and ultimately into print as a book?  And what if you already  have a rough manuscript, journal or other writings? Might a seasoned editor or “book doctor” improve your voice? Likely…but again, how do you find an experienced ghostwriter?

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To begin your search to find a ghostwriter, prospective authors may want to start with a Google search for: “ghostwriters” or “ghostwriters for hire.” Another strategy is to look for books in a genre similar to the project you envision. See if any of them say the author’s name and then “with.”  That “with” person is often a ghostwriter, book collaborator or active editor.

You can also look at the Acknowledgements pages of books comparable to the one you envision for yourself and read between the lines.  Authors often thank their “editor” or collaborator.  With names in hand, you can then go do your research on Linkedin and other websites.

We asked ghostwriter and editor Judy Katz of Katz Creative in New York who has amassed a most impressive record of forty-five books in which she played a major writing role, why now might be a particularly good time for want-to-be-authors to begin a book writing project.  Ms. Katz replied, “Very busy people like executives, business owners, entrepreneurs and others may have interesting stories to tell but they often lack the time or skills to write it.  Nowadays, with what’s happening in the world, the time-factor is becoming less of a concern with all leaders are  thinking about creative new ways to reposition and strengthen their companies and personal brands.  Finding a competitive edge has never been more important and a book can do just that!  Books enable individuals and companies to share inspiring stories, philosophy, history, steps to success, ways to motivate employees, ideas for attracting new customers and more.  Telling these stories in the form of a book is not easy, but when you partner with someone who is a professional in this arena, with a good track record, the likelihood of a successful collaboration rises.”

Ms. Katz further elaborated on the importance of working with someone who knows the various book genres: “Stories can be told in a variety of ways. From business books and memoirs to a fictionalized story called a ‘roman a clef.’ Most books can be successfully self-published for enhanced customer & partner marketing, while others can be sold via a literary agent to traditional publishers.  A good ghostwriter can help a would-be author determine the best book format for their goals within a pre-defined budget. With a plan in hand, you can emerge into our re-opened world with a book that’s ready to open doors as your ultimate marketing tool.”

what's your story

Ms. Katz also suggests that you “ask around” for writer recommendations.  “If you have acquaintances you respect who have published good books—whether self-published or traditionally published—ask them if they might have a recommendation.  You can also contact the Writer’s Guild.  There’s no shortage of highly accomplished, willing and affordable ghostwriters.  I would encourage anyone who’s been thinking of becoming an author to actually do something about it.”

Sounds about right to us.  Good luck!

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