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Two Rescue Dogs and a Cat

A Balancing Act I Would Not Change for the World Tally the weights of all three of my roommates—they add up to the 20 pandemic pounds I am eager to lose. I am not willing to lose my roommates, even though all three following me into any room I enter, even the shower, can sometimes […]

When Running Away Seemed Like the Only Option

This story is part of the CelebrEighty Series written by Judy Katz…It was 1958. I was 18, taking the subway from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn to Port Authority, Times Square. A Trailways bus was leaving in twenty minutes for a three-day ride to Los Angeles, California—and I planned to be on it. I’d left no note […]

My Year of Dating Cary Grant

I was 28 the day I met Cary Grant. He was 68. It was 1972. I was in charge of Madison Square Garden’s public relations. The Garden, under its President Irving Mitchell Felt, had just bought O’Hare International Hotel, located within the airport. The immediate project was to hold a gala launch party for travel […]

My Pandemic-Inspired Down the Hall Friendship with Tamar and Mr. Gary

My co-op on 70th Street in New York is filled with dog lovers like myself. Our four-legged friends help humanize what can sometimes be a hard city. So when a new shareholder moved down the hall in February 2020, I was thrilled to learn she too had a dog. My rescue pups, Sophie and Bindy, […]

Cryonics: Planning for Life After Life? Just Don’t Freeze Your Assets

Sometimes when I’m walking down the street, I think, “When I end, all this will just keep going on” It’s a hard pill to swallow—and one that some people try to avoid through technology. Many billionaires and other rich and famous people have been eager to pay vast sums of money to a company like […]

The Lie That Launched My 57 Year Career

At 24, I was delusional. Many young people are. Returning to New York from Berkeley with my undergrad degree in English Lit and four years of weekly columns at the school newspaper—I was sure I’d land my own column on the New York Times. I just needed access to the right person. My first stop: […]

Supergenarians Give Us Hope for Living Longer—and Better

As of September 30, 2021, the oldest living person was Kane Tanaka of Japan at 119. She is only four years shy of breaking the record of the oldest person ever, which currently belongs to Jeanne Louise Calment of France, who lived to be 122. Supercentenarians are still uncommon, although the numbers of people—more women […]

CelebrEighty at Dairy Queen

It was a balmy Saturday on August 29, 2020, when I set out to celebrate my 80th birthday. My thoughtful daughter Heather had a surprise for me: the arrangements she made would allow me to experience the top item on my Bucket List. A luxury car was about to take the two of us and […]

Are You 80+? Please CelebrEighty With Me

I’m in my 80s. Eighty-one, to be exact. Do you ever wonder what older people like me — and maybe you — are supposed to be doing? Taking a much-needed nap, perhaps? Soaking our dentures while trying to remember where we put our eyeglasses—which are most likely on top of our heads? I reject the […]

Mphasis Magazine Article – Borrowing Time: A True Love Story by Judy Katz

I thought the Rabbi was kidding. “You want to introduce me to a 98-year-old who wants to date?” “No,” he said, “I want to introduce you to a 98-year-old who would be open to getting remarried!” “Won’t his adult children object?” At 75, I was still youthful, cheerful, and happily engaged in running my business. However, […]