Judy Katz Found Her True Calling at 65…and Is Going Strong

Judy Katz

Today Silver Disobedience sits down with Manhattanite Ghostwriter, Book Publisher and Book Marketer Judy Katz.

From silverdisobedience.rocks website, by Dian Griesel.

Judy Katz has ghostwritten, published and publicized 45 books so far. But let’s start back at UC Berkeley, where she graduated and had her own column, “Meaning’s Edge” on the Daily Californian for all four years. Subsequently she wrote for a medical ad agency and two McGraw Hill Magazines before becoming PR Director for Madison Square Garden, the New York March of Dimes and the National MS Society. Entrepreneurial, Judy then established and ran her own PR firm, Katz Creative, Inc., until 2005, when, at a youthful age 65, she found her true calling: Helping people become authors.  Judy also has a publishing arm, New Voices Press, and along with publishing her authors’ books she helps to promote them as well. Judy believes a book is “the ultimate marketing and reputation-building tool.” She is a proud member of the Author’s Guild  and many other prestigious professional and networking organizations. Read more


Writing Your Book: A Ghostwriter’s Perspective

Writing Your BookIn the beginning, there was the business card.

Then the e-mail address.

Next, the website.

Today, as a businessperson, if you are not an author, you lack a certain credibility.

Authoring a book has become the must-have for big media placements, speaking opportunities, and bigger clients, not to mention your chance for grabbing that elusive brass ring, a bestseller. Hey! You just never know!

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My Heart Bleeds for Innocent Would-Be Authors

would be author

Think of life as a round circle, like a pizza pie. One slice of the pie is your area of core competence, perhaps even genius. It’s what you do so well. Next to that slice is another slice of equal size, what you know you don’t know. For example, I know I cannot add, subtract or cook anything edible.

Then there’s the rest of the pie, the three-quarters of things in life that we don’t even know we don’t know anything about. In that mysterious realm, for most people, lie the secrets to successful book writing, publishing and marketing.

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Pets as People

A new column about humans and their four-legged family members. By Silver Disobedient Judy Katz

From silverdisobedience.rocks website, by Dian Griesel.

This new column will explore the after-life. No not what happens after we die. Rather, it will be about what happens when many of the major milestones in life have been accomplished. For example: when we are empty-nested, or widowed, or working out of our homes, or otherwise on our own in a new way, which we can call Act Three. Specifically I am going to write about how our four-legged, canine friends factor into our lives. This first story is mine. Keep reading this column for others—and feel free to contact me if you’d like to share your story.

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