Get Started Writing a Book

Give It Up to the Ghost!

Do you have an area of expertise or a life story to tell? Do you truly want to write a book but something keeps getting in the way? That something, typically, can be time, or money, or perhaps an inability to wordsmith your way to a compelling telling of your tale. My advice: stop stalling! Like most things in life, you only have to “do it alone” if you choose to.

Some people do actually sit down and write that book themselves, be it a memoir, novel, play, poetry, short stories, young adult/children’s book or business book. Maybe they write to help enhance their reputation and raise their rates, or for anything else that they deem makes it worthy of their precious time and hard-earned money. However, others find another way to accomplish their objective of becoming an author: they seek out the very best collaborator, whether by asking other authors for references, or doing online research and researching till they find the right kind of writer who they believe will best serve their needs.

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